Error: "can't resolve symbol '__fxstat64'" when scanning a video folder

Matt W
  • Matt W

    Matt W - 2013-07-03

    Hi, I created this as a support ticket, but now I realise that the proper thing to do was ask for help here. I can't delete the ticket - my apologies to all if I'm doing this wrong!

    I am having some difficulties scanning, but just with video files (the basic log shows that scanning never completes on the videos folder and no files are found). I've done some digging in debug mode and arrived here:

    When music or image files are added to the library, the watch finds them immediately with no issue - they also show up in the dlna library with no problem.

    [2013/07/03 11:20:05] inotify.c:721: debug: The file /opt/Share/Pictures/Night.jpg was moved here.
    [2013/07/03 11:21:53] inotify.c:721: debug: The file /opt/Share/Music/One.mp3 was moved here.

    However, if I drop in a video file (I have tried mpg, avi, mkv and mp4) I get the following error.

    [2013/07/03 11:22:46] inotify.c:721: debug: The file /opt/Share/Videos/Test.mpg was moved here.
    minidlna: can't resolve symbol '__fxstat64'

    No other files were in /opt/Share/Videos for the above test.

    Am I missing a library?

    Running MiniDLNA 1.0.19 on DD-WRT (seems to be the latest release for that platform).

    Many thanks for your assistance.


  • Rafael Souza

    Rafael Souza - 2013-07-19

    Look, I do not know much, but it seems that is missing libc. Researched so you can install the libc in DD-WRT, try the following command:

    sudo aptitude install libc6


    sudo apt-get install libc6




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