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  • David McCormack

    David McCormack - 2009-06-03

    We have come across a problem with miniDNLA which prevents us from viewing any content on through it.

    0. Add videos and music to my directories.
    1. Start miniDNLA on my device
        <Launches ok>
    2. On a PS3 or xBox 360, go to DNLA devices
    3. Select my player
        <Selection works fine, it shows up with the proper name>
    4. Enter the directory containing music or videos
        <Directory is empty>

  • Greg

    Greg - 2009-12-24

    Did you ever resolve this issue?

  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2009-12-24

    It's been almost 6 months since this was an issue, and it was only after an incomplete CVS checkin.

    If you're not seeing your content, make sure you've set up your media directories in minidlna.conf.  Then try stopping minidlna and running "minidlna -R" to force a rescan.

  • olindfors

    olindfors - 2009-12-30

    There's a small glitch for European MPEG2 TS streams with European Sony Bravias. For the MPEG\_TS stream, most Bravias only support the type MPEG\_TS\_SD\_EU\_ISO, whereas minidlna is hard-coded (in metadata.c) to use type MPEG\_TS\_SD\_NA\_ISO. I'm too lazy to look it up, but I guess EU stands for Europe and NA for North America here. For my DVB-T (MPEG2 TS) recordings to show up in my Bravia I had to change metadata.c in line 756. Ideally, of course, the parser would detect whether the stream is EU or NA, but I'm too lazy to write a patch. But if someone outside North America has problems with video files not showing up, this might be the reason.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-01-12

    I have the similar issue. I built today from CVS.
    - Pictures are shown properly.
    - Directories under video and music are shown but no contents.
    I couldn't find any error messages in log of debug mode.
    I use Arch Linux and Sony Bravia.

  • Stedy

    Stedy - 2010-01-12

    mashmo: Which model Bravia moddel do you have? 4500? 5500?
    5500 is the first one that could show video.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-01-13

    stedy6: Mine is Bravia J5 series. Probably, it's sold only in Japan. This series seems to support MPEG2-TS.

  • olindfors

    olindfors - 2010-01-13

    @mashmo: yes, you may well have the issue I described. The symptoms are right, folders show up but no content. If you trace the communication between the server and the TV, you'll see that minidlna is advertising the video. However, as the DLNA profile advertised by minidlna is not compatible with the Bravia , the Bravia does not list the videos.
    As mentioned above, the workaround is to change metadata.c in line 761 756 to something like:

    asprintf(&m.dlna_pn, "MPEG_TS_%cD_EU_ISO;%s", res, dlna_no_conv);

    (That is, change "NA" to "EU").
    Then of course, in your particular case, the EU profile is not supported either. According to the DLNA certificate, your J5 has support for a Japanese variant: MPEG_TS_JP_T (see Try changing the minidlna response to match that profile, and tell us the results. is a good way of looking up the capability of your particular TV.  The supported DLNA profiles are listed in the certificate. (Mine's at

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-01-13

    @olindfors: Thank you for suggestion and good info. And sorry that I did not read your previous post closely.
    I tried to change the source as follows as you pointed out.

    asprintf(&m.dlna_pn, "MPEG_TS_JP_T;%s", dlna_no_conv);

    Unfortunately, however, directories are still empty… X(

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-02-05

    Had the same problem here with a European Sony "BRAVIA KDL-40W5500". Changing the two instances of _NA to _EU in metadata.c fixed the problem, otherwise my MPEG TS streams would not be recognized (only the MPEG PS ones).


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