MP4 Video Files

  • Finster

    Finster - 2010-10-31


    Is there any way to allow MiniDLNA to support MP4 videos?

    When I start it, I have the following messages: -

    [2010/10/31 11:31:05] metadata.c:794: debug: Container: 'mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2' [test_video.mp4]
    [2010/10/31 11:31:05] metadata.c:927: debug: No DLNA profile found for MP4/AVC/SD file test_video.mp4
    [2010/10/31 11:31:05] metadata.c:932: debug: Stream 1 of test_video.mp4 is h.264

    I notice in another thread there is mention of modifying the source to enable this, but I'm not sure what to change.

    Any help appreciated.


  • Boulange

    Boulange - 2010-12-04

    Sorry I comply forget to answer this post :)

    In album.c line 356, I added mp4 and m2ts video file extension to handle video thumbnails

        if (ends_with(path, ".avi") || ends_with(path, ".mkv") || ends_with(path, ".mpg") || ends_with(path, ".mp4") || ends_with(path, ".m2ts") ) {
            video_thumbnailer* vt = video_thumbnailer_create();

    Same thing in upnphttp.c line 1919, to handle mta file (chapters)

        if (ends_with(path, ".avi") || ends_with(path, ".mkv") || ends_with(path, ".mpg") || ends_with(path, ".mp4") || ends_with(path, ".m2ts")) {
            DPRINTF(E_DEBUG, L_METADATA, "Checking for external MTA file: %s\n", mta_path);

    That wasn't hard to tweak :)
    Enjoy !

  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2013-04-26

    Is this reflected in the newest version? I have 1.0.25 but I cannot see mp4 files on a dlna viewer.

  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2013-05-16

    Wow, you've resurrected a 2 and a half year old thread…
    MP4 has been supported without any tweaks for at least 2 years.
    The likelihood is that your problem is either the files themselves or, more likely, the renderer (viewer).
    What are you trying to render them on?  My older TVs (2009 and 2010 models) do not support MP4 over DLNA, but do support it on USB. 



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