leicray - 2013-03-30

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS which does UPnP using miniDLNA. The problem is when it comes to playing the streamed content. Everything is fine with the hardware-based Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player.

The problem is with KalemSoft Media Player which I'm running on my BlackBerry PlayBook when I'm playing certain files. Rather than sorting media according to track number, it seems to want to sort according to a UPnP parameter called upnp:originalTrackNumber. I have been unable to find out how that parameter is derived from any of the tags in media files.

The problem is as follows. I have an album of 7 tracks in WMA format which I purchased some time ago in which the first track has no upnp:originalTrackNumber value (when viewed using UPnP inspector) and the subsequent tracks number in the correct order from 1 to 6 for that parameter. Separately, the tracks are numbered 1 to 7 using the standard track number WMA tag. This causes the track without the upnp:originalTrackNumber value to be sorted incorrectly in the track listing in KalemSoft Media Player.

I have tried removing all of the original tags from the WMA files then replacing them from an online database, but that has made no difference. No tag editor which I have tried is able to view the tag which is used to populate the upnp:originalTrackNumber value.

So, how is the value of upnp:originalTrackNumber derived and why is the value sometimes empty (null) for the first track of an album in WMA format?

Many thanks.