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sean darcy
  • sean darcy

    sean darcy - 2010-10-30

    I'm using minidlna off a Droid X. I've got a short .dv file to test various transcoding options. it's in /opt/1500gig/video/family/test.


    It worked at first, but now when I scan folders, all folders in /opt/1500gig/video appear, except family. But it's there, labeled (null) - including parens. If I click (null) , again I see all the folders at that level, except test - which is again named (null). Clicking (null) brings me to files I'm using.

    I haven't played any files from any other folder but this one.

  • elomask

    elomask - 2010-10-30

    minidlna shows me in my samsung c750 tv 2 (null) folders witch are empty.
    How can i disable showing these (null) folders ?

  • sean darcy

    sean darcy - 2010-10-31

    I have inotify=yes on minidlna.conf, but when I do get to the files I don't see new files. And files that have been updated show old time stamps.  I have restarted minidlna. No difference.

  • Bo Phim

    Bo Phim - 2010-11-12

    Just remove /var/cache/minidlna/files.db and restart the minidla.


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