Japers - 2010-11-07

Have concluded that the easiest way to setup my system for quick navigation is to have multiple instances of minidlna running - say one instance for "TV Shows" and one for "Movies",etc.

I have tried the multiple instances patch from Jeff but cannot make it work:
cd /tmp
tar zxf minidlna_1.0.18_src.tar.gz
cd minidlna
patch minidlna.c < /tmp/dlna_multi.patch
./minidlna -u 111 -f /etc/minidlna.conf       --> Port 8200, friendly name "TV Shows"
./minidlna -u 222 -f /etc/minidlna2.conf    --> Port 8201, friendly name "Movies", different db path

Only one instance runs, the log for the second instances states exiting due to another instance already running…

Have also tried the above with "patch -p1 < /tmp/dlna_multi.patch"

Am I doing anything wrong - has anyone got this to work?