Gilad Raz
  • Gilad Raz

    Gilad Raz - 2009-06-27

    Is there a blessed soul that would be willing to upload a compiled binary of MiniDLNA for Linux x86 onto a hosting service, such as rapidshare?

    I would be forever grateful! :)

    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-06-28

      What distro?

    • Gilad Raz

      Gilad Raz - 2009-06-28

      Linux 2.6, as used by unRaid. I believe this will serve a large community of unRaid users...

    • Gilad Raz

      Gilad Raz - 2009-07-08


      • Justin Maggard

        Justin Maggard - 2009-07-09

        I just posted a static binary on the downloads page.  Give it a try.

    • Tom

      Tom - 2009-07-20

      is there a Binary available for FreeBSD using i386?

      I have been looking at FreeNAS but Fuppes is problematic with my PS3 setup and I remember miniDLNA on an NSLU2 that I setup for a friend with good results


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