• Mayak QWERN

    Mayak QWERN - 2009-07-16

    Hi Justin, Hi All,

    Minidlna is running beautifully under centos-5 with a bravia kdl-32v5500 ...

    I'm curious what this directive is/does --  "presentation_url"

    Can you give some hints :-)



    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-07-16

      Normally this would be the URL of the server's configuration or status page, but minidlna hasn't implemented that.  Most clients never use it anyway, but if you check properties on the minidlna icon in Windows Vista or Win7, this URL will show up.  But for the most part, it's not needed.

      • Mayak QWERN

        Mayak QWERN - 2009-07-17

        Hi Justin,

        Ah .. OK ....

        I noticed that on your wish list you have included transcoding -- this of course is the missing piece allowing a relatively dumb DLNA device to listen to a different audio track than the first (on a mpeg porgram stream), add subtitles, etc ... and do lots of nifty things.

        I was wondering if you have had a chance to look at mediatomb (

        This GPL project does everything that you could want, runs on SAN devices, and is highly configurable. Mediatomb is missing DLNA and wonder if you be interested to supply a patch.

        I would be willing to start and sponsor a bounty for such work ...

        Thanks for minidlna!



  • Will

    Will - 2010-02-06

    Would be nice if there could be a mini presentation page.

    Kinda like ushare's ( presentation page. But had a restart button too. ;)


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