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  • pabloboyo

    pabloboyo - 2010-10-25


    I have been a user of mt-daap and mediatomb for several years. Recently I bought a Sony KDL-40EX504 TV and SONY BDP-S370 BluRay player and discovered miniDLNA was the only way to use DLNA clients in both. miniDLNA is a terrific little server and I want to drop the other two servers in favour of it, but I cannot find a way of getting miniDLNA to present my mp3 albums in track order. Whichever way I look the tracks are always presented in alphabetical order, regardless of client eg, XBMC, Pinnacle Soundbridge, Sony TV etc.  I like to listen to albums in the order the tracks were laid down, not in alphabetical order. It is probably user error, but has me stumped right now.

    I have compiled 1.0.18 from source and also tried latest CVS. The latter lets my S370 device see MKV video files, even though they do not play (something I will work on later), but both list and play mp3 album tracks in alphabetical order, not track order.  Playlists are shown in the correct playlist order.
    Server is Ubuntu 10.4
    I have been lurking in the forums, but have not found the answer.
    Any clues on how to change the mp3 sort order to track number?

  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2010-10-26

    The sort order is actually specified by the client.  If you run minidlna in debug mode, you should be able to see the SortOrder that the client asks for when it sends the request.  Can you post that?

  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2010-10-27

    I have a KDL40W5000 and a KDL37EX403 (same sw as your TV), and I do not have this problem.

    There is definitely an option for sorting on the TVs, and I'm pretty certain I ran into the same issue when I first started using miniDLNA.


  • pabloboyo

    pabloboyo - 2010-10-28

    Thanks for the replies. I got home late last night (got snarled up at Heathrow T5 with T-Mobile using rent-a-mob and guerilla tactics to make an advert using unsuspecting travellers like me!)  so I did not have much time to experiment.

    The only sort options on the TV I found were:
    *Restore - (lists Album tracks in alphabetical order)
    *File Name A/Z - (lists Album tracks in alphabetical order)
    *File Name Z/A - (lists Album tracks in reverse alphabetical order)
    *Date/Time 1/2 - (lists Album tracks in alphabetical order)
    *Date/Time 2/1 - (lists Album tracks in alphabetical order)

    Craig, I am interested to know where you found the appropriate sort option for track number on your TV.
    I will also take a look at the -d output when I have more time to experiment in the evening and will try to post relevent output.


  • pabloboyo

    pabloboyo - 2010-10-31

    I spent some time investigating further.  When the Bravia TV sort option is set to *Restore then  * SortCriteria: (null).
    With sort option set to *File Name A/Z  then * SortCriteria: +dc:title
    The latter has the same effect as the former as the default order from MiniDLNA seems to be file name.
    I found that if the mp3 file name has the track number as a prefix then the album tracks are automatically/naturally listed in track number sequence.
    I always seemed redundant to me to include the track number in the file name as well as the tag info, but now I understand why it is done.  I have therefore renamed all my mp3 files with the track number as a prefix and the sort order is how I want it on the DLNA clients.

    My experience with MediaTomb and Firefly servers showed that the track number was being read from the tag and the album tracks were always presented to the client in track order, not file name order. I assume the DLNA spec does not allow the server to sort the tracks in anything other than file name order(?)


  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2010-11-04

    Tt may well be my files that are proving helpful for me - they all tend to be of the format [track #] - .mp3.  I was an early adopter of digitised music, going back to the days when media player behaviour varied from device to device, and I found that the above was the best way to resolve random file ordering issues.  As such I have never relied on tag based sorting.  I actually find it frustrating that media players in Linux now all mimic iTunes in insisting on tag based sorting.  My preference has always been Winamp's 'sort by path and title'.
    IIRC my Bravia W5500 started out sorting by date, but changing to filename may have simply been automagic for me because of my anal file-naming.


  • Barry Dick

    Barry Dick - 2012-04-23

    I have the is same issue. I am using the MiniDLNA version 1.0.22 and my MP3 files only show sorted by the song name. This happens on my Onkyo 709 receiver, PS3 and WDTV live boxes. A bit of playing around shows me its not sorting the files by the file name but rather the song title in the MP3 tag. is there a way to change the default sort order to the MP3 tag track number

  • pabloboyo

    pabloboyo - 2012-05-01

    When I had this problem I assumed the sort order was song name, but experimentation with MiniDLNA and the built in server in windows proved the sort order was file name. I do not have the same clients as you so cannot comment on your set up.  Although it was a PIA to rename all my MP3 track file names with the format  - .mp3 I have never looked back. (Puddletag in Linux or mp3tag for windows does the trick).  I have spoken with others who have tried to find a solution that does not require file renaming, but I am not aware of anything else that works.  If you find a solution please share it here.


  • Barry Dick

    Barry Dick - 2012-05-06

    Thanks for the response Pablo. My gut feeling is that this won't be resolved, but I would still like to investigate further as a few things don't make sense to me.

    If the client requests the sort order why do all my clients (and yours) behave the same way?

    You resolved your issue by changing the file name, however this did not work for me. I used "tag&rename" to add the track number to the beginning of the file name and then forced a rescan of the folders and this had no effect on the sort order for my clients. If put the track number at the start of the song title (in the MP3 tag) it worked, however the songs still weren't displayed in the correct order as track 10 was displayed after track 01 (ie 01, 10, 11, 12, 02, 03 04 etc)

    I'm not that familiar with Linux, is there a short tutorial on running the minidlna server in debug?

    I am running the minidlna plugin for "openmediavault" which is based on Debian lenny. I may try to install the server on my laptap and play around some more. I think for now my workaround will be to create a playlist for each album. The playlists work correctly.


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