Disable mp3 decoding

  • sektion31

    sektion31 - 2012-07-23


    I want to use miniDLNA to stream to my cellphone over 3G. Technically it works fine with UPnPlay as the receiving part. But it seems that miniDLNA decodes the mp3 files and sends a PCM stream to my phone. While 3G can handle the data, my volume limited flat rate can not. :(

    so ist there a simple way to make miniDLNA send a mp3 stream, besides hacking the source code?

    regards, adrian

  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2012-07-25

    As far as I'm aware, miniDLNA does not do this by default.  Have you patched it with the transcode patch at some point?

    Is this something that you have actually done over 3G connection?  As far as I was aware, UPnP, and by extension DLNA is not designed to run over a WAN.  Unless of course you are using SSH and port forwarding??



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