Sony Bravia KDL46 HX 800 : questions :-)

  • schirrms

    schirrms - 2011-02-16


    I owned a Sony Bravia KDL 46 HX 800 tv, and tried a lot of things  to stream my video files to my TV. It seems that this Sony TV is a little hard to use trought dlna…
    I must say that my 'every days' Linux server is far from be a monster, so I'm searching a not to CPU intensive solution.
    So far, minidlna seems to be a nice solution.
    JPEG files are OK
    MP3 audio files are OK
    Video streaming is another story…
    It seems that this TV only accepts mpeg 2 files, but these files dans be in high resolution (I only tried 720p so far, starting from a mkv file, the result is fairly good in MPEG2 -but the file is nearly twice the original file !) I would gratly prefer a way to show the original file, or to remux the file at streming, but with poor CPU use.
    (BTW, pms media server just does that, remux the flow in mpeg 2 during the show, but that's not an option on my system :-)

    Another trouble is about subtitles. I really like to see Enlgish movie in English, but I still need subtitle to understand :-)
    I wasn't able to find a way to see the subtitles. I suppose that I should search a way tomultiplex the subtitle in the mpeg2 file, but I have no clues how…

    I did my tests with a pre-builded version 1.0.18, and then with a home builded version, trying to add some patches. I was probably lucky, because the home builded version works as smooth as the pre buided (I'm far not a C developper :-) )
    The whole on a CENTOS 5.5 derivative system.

    Any ideas, pointers ?

    I would be glad to do some tests if it can help.


  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2011-02-17

    Hi Pascal,

    I have two Bravia TVs (a 2009 and a 2010 model), the format support on both is the same and not great.

    Some good news is that the TV does support AVCHD as well as MPEG2 video, so HD video content is possible.  The AVCHD files have to use a .m2ts container and, in my experience, must be level 4 h264 video (4.0 and 4.1 both seem to work) with AC3 or MP2 audio - note, neither HD or DTS audio formats are supported.

    Any MKV files that I have used have had to be manually re-multiplexed using TSMuxer, which was also capable of setting the H264 level to one appropriate for the TV.
    I guess if you want to keep your files in their MKV containers on your storage medium, but want to play them on your TV you need someone to incorporate TSMuxer functionality into your DLNA server.  I know that PS3mediaServer can do this on-the-fly, but miniDLNA is not yet able to do this.  I have no idea if Justin or anyone else has plans in this area.

    I have looked into trying to get subtitles to work with my Bravia TVs via DLNA, but I have not found a solution other than, as you say, merging them into the video file itself. 


  • schirrms

    schirrms - 2011-02-22

    Hi Greg,

    Unfortunately, I just read your answer, I thanl that selecting 'monitor the conversation' would send me a mail :-)

    Thanks for your answer, it seems to me a very acceptable solution (reencoding is not sut a hassle is the size of the file can stay decent).

    I'll try that as soon as possible and let you know.

    Thanks again,

  • schirrms

    schirrms - 2011-02-22

    Hi again Craig (and not Greg, I'm sorry !),

    I read this post : who seem's to be from you, also.
    Is that database change stil needed ? Because the m2ts file are happily played on my Playstation (Thanks forthat !), but aren't even seen on my Sony Bravia TV.
    About subtitles : I found that converting AVi files to DIVX files with AVIAddXSubs allow meto show subtitles (or not)on the playsation. But, again, the DIVX files aren't even seen on the TV…


  • schirrms

    schirrms - 2011-02-26

    Hi again,

    I have very interresting results, by modifyingthe database, as explined by Craig on the ubuntu forum. So i can watch m2ts movies, and the result is great on my TV. Unfortunately, still no way found for the subtitles, if someone has an idea…


  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2011-03-09

    Hi Pascal,

    Rather than modify the database, it's simpler to modify the source code as explained in the other post.  That way you don't need to modify the DB every time you add a new file.
    I know that Justin has made some changes in the source code, one of which is to incorporate this update for Bravia TVs, and it was working fine.  Unfortunately, something has broken AVCHD support on Bravias in the very latest release.  I am just waiting on Justin to get back to me on this.

    With regard to subtitles, as I said above, I think that the only way to solve this with mpeg2 containers (e.g. .mpg or .m2ts) on Bravia TVs is to encode the subtitles into the stream.



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