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  • Paul Edwards

    Paul Edwards - 2009-06-17


    I'm new to Linux, so apologies in advance.
    I want to run minidlna from a NAS rather than a PC.

    Like some other people who have posted, I have a Sony Bravia TV that doesn't like the pre-loaded media server software on my NAS (Buffallo Linkstation Pro Duo). Both TV and NAS claim to be DLNA compliant, however the TV only plays 10-60 seconds of a MP3 unless you convert the MP3 to such a poor quality that it becomes pointless doing it. Annoying as its so close, just not quite there!

    Luckily I have come across minidlna, which from what I have read here will solve my troubles, and for that I am very grateful.

    I've got the minidlna CVS and all the dependencies it needs.
    So far I've run the make command which has compiled minidlna.

    What would my next step be?
    I'm guessing I need to copy the folder with the compiled files to the NAS?
    Would I be right in saying, to do this I need to telnet into the nas and use a command (get?) to copy these files accross?
    Does it matter where they go on the NAS?
    When I telnet into the NAS I get the prompt: root@NAS:~#
    I'm getting ready to use ./minidlna -f minidlna.conf -d, hopefully only a couple of steps away!!

    Any help would be fantastic.


    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-06-17

      You compiled it on your PC?  First you need to make sure that it's compiled for the right architecture.  Your PC is probably x86, and I believe your NAS is ARM.  So you'd need to cross-compile minidlna, which isn't exactly a trivial task.

    • Paul Edwards

      Paul Edwards - 2009-06-18

      Thanks Justin that helps,

      You would have approached this by compiling minidlna on the NAS to save having to cross-compile it?

      I used Ubuntu's Synaptics Package manager to get the dependencies. Would you advise against this method and have used SVN to get the dependencies from the NAS' command prompt?

      Am I ok to run these SVN Commands from the prompt I get when I first Telnet into the NAS 'root@NAS:~#' or should I change directory to another folder first?


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