Resize image malloc failing

  • Tyler

    Tyler - 2013-06-05

    I am attempting to run the DLNA CTT and tests and,6 are both failing due to a malloc fail in image_utils.c on line 415:

    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] upnphttp.c:1667: debug: width: 640
    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] upnphttp.c:1667: debug: height: 479
    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] upnphttp.c:1704: info: Serving resized image for ObjectId: 108 [/media/card/testContent/B-JPEG_LRG

    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] image_utils.c:415: warn: malloc failed
    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] upnphttp.c:1806: warn: Unable to open image /media/card/testContent/B-JPEG_LRG-185.JPG!
    [1980/01/06 00:05:30] upnphttp.c:1272: debug: HTTP RESPONSE: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Errror

    I checked my system and it appears to have plenty of memory left even after running these operations, but that would be the obvious cause since for the DLNA CTT there are many images which it is resizing... Unfortunately I have no way of testing with more memory right now.

    So if you have any other ideas, please help me out, otherwise I guess I'll leave it as a memory problem

  • Tyler

    Tyler - 2013-06-05

    here is the results file for those tests ran a few different times.


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