how to generate thumbnails for videos

  • Jedi Master

    Jedi Master - 2013-04-10

    hi all! sorry but I am fairly new to linux world and recently purchased myself a raspberry pi modem B. After following the tutorial at, I was able to access the dlna through my Samsung TV, iPad and PC without any problem. Everything plays well including subtitles. However, having all my MP4s properly tagged with cover art etc… all 3 dlna players only show a simple list of files with no thumbnails.

    My question thus is two prongs: Should I manually add movie.jpg for each movie file? (Have tried that in vain anyways). Also the movies are located on an external drive which is mounted as read-only. Is that why minidlna does not appear to be able to extract the covers? Or does it use the config setting of db_dir (which is on my SD) to save the covers?

    Thanks for any insight.

    • Whoami

      Whoami - 2013-09-14

      example for debian

      aptitude install ffmpegthumbnailer

      upload the script "" onto your machine

      set rights => chmod u+x

      execute => /path/to/your/movies


  • alain1980

    alain1980 - 2013-09-15

    much better is SheetMaker for linux
    (will generate NFO's with all metadata and the official movie covers from imdb sites)
    unfortunately minidlna doesn't support the metadata but will share the covers.

    Last edit: alain1980 2013-09-15

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