dskrad - 2014-04-27

I have been successfully using minidlna (now 1.1.2) for a few months now on my new installation of Fedora20. All has been going smoothly until the past few weeks.

Suddenly, not sure exactly when it started, minidlnad cannot start because it cannot find the following libraries:


I ran "find / -name lib..." to try to find these libraries, but these have all been updated to newer versions. I found the correct versions in my plexmediaserver library folder and just put symbolic links to them in my /usr/lib64 folder and all is well.

I found newer versions of all of these in my /usr/lib64 folder:


I am not sure if the updates to SSL libraries due to heartbleed bug are the reason for the updated versions replacing the older ones.

Is this a problem with minidlna? Or is this a problem with the package manager (yum), repository, or with Fedora not supplying the correct symlinks to the newer libs? Plex Media Server apparently doesn't use the stock libraries in /usr/lib64 but instead supplies them in its own folder (/usr/lib/plexmediaserver).