Network configuration. What am I doing wrong?

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-22

    I've a Samsung UE40ES5500 Smart TV.  When I plugged it into my 'office hub' using an ethernet cable, and installed minidlna on my Ubuntu server… the TV recognised it - and allowed me access to the media I'd configured to share.

    Next, I install my TV in my living room… and plug it into my ADSL router… My TV still accesses internet services - but no-longer recognises minidlna on my LAN.

    A note on the network infrastructure.

    Ubuntu Server  -- Ethernet -> Netgear Router (WNDR3300 running DD-WRT)
    NetGear Router  uplink - Ethernet (over mains electricity) -> Netgear ADSL modem-router (DG834G stock firmware)
    Samsung TV -> Ethernet -> Netgear ADSL modem-router

    I assumed that all I'd need to do is some port-forwarding on my Netgear Router… to map UDP port 1900 and TCP port 8200 from the Ubuntu server to the 'ethernet-over-mains' uplink.  Sadly this seems to have failed… and I'm a little stumped now.

    Please can you tell me:

    A) What are the criteria for minidlna being detected as a service on the LAN?
    B) Is this a common problem?
    C) Are there any diagnostic tools that I can use to establish if I've made a silly error configuring my router(s)?

  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2013-01-23

    It sounds like the multicast broadcast packets from minidlna are not reaching the TV…

    First thing that comes to mind is to ensure that your routers have upnp-forwarding enabled. Other firewall rules may not be necessary

    Secondly, is the port forwarding working in the correct direction?  The UDP port 1900 is a multicast broadcast from all upnp devices to announce itself (IIRC), so needs to work in both directions (though of particular interest here is the TV receiving the ones from minidlna), but the TCP port 8200 is for the client to connect to minidlna, so the forwarding should presumably be from your TV via the DG834.  From what I understand, forwarding should only be necessary if the devices are on different subnets (though I may be wrong, and I know little about homeplug).



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