beaksdale - 2012-12-04

After alot of trial and error I finally managed to get music streaming on my Xbox 360 working with my Ubuntu server running Minidlna and it pretty much works perfectly but I am having problems with music playlists. I can use the playlists on the Xbox 360 but the playlists are not in the order specified in the playlst but are listed in album order (alphabetically with the tracks from each album in the track number order).
I have tried .pls and .m3u file formats for the playlists but they both have the same behaviour. I attempted to use a playlist format that explicitly provides a playlist order but I couldn't get them working with minidlna and neither .pls or .m3u support this.
I have used the server with other devices and the playlists are in the correct order so I know that the problem is specific to the Xbox 360 but having tried to fix the problem at that end and trying to get help from Xbox support (it would probably be easier and quicker to design and build my own games console) I was hoping that it might be possible to fix the issue at Minidlna's end or a work around?