Noxon A540 with MiniDLNA

  • Andre Chantme

    Andre Chantme - 2012-06-25

    I use a Noxon A540 as a client.
    When I browse music folders, the tracks are alphabetically listed.

    I do not have this problem with all my others DLNA clients: XMBC, Android, Pure Internet Radio, Foobar…. and even a Noxon Terratec iRadio.

    I can't change the A540 firmware…

    Is there something I can do with MiniDLNA ?

    Thank you


  • Andre Chantme

    Andre Chantme - 2012-06-27


    Mmmmhh  I can see my problem is not appealing :-)

    If I connect my A540 to another DLNA server, files are correctly listed.

    And If I browse MiniDLNA server by Server -> Music -> Album, tracks are correctly listed.

    Problem is only when I browse by Server -> Music -> Folders

    Thank You



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