PS3 and Subtitles

  • Bruno Mazzoco

    Bruno Mazzoco - 2011-08-07


    I'm using miniDLNA at my DX Nas NS-K330 running Snake OS but I can't get work external subtitles with my PS3.
    I can use miniDLNA and external subtitle (srt file with same video name) at my Samsung TV UN55C8000 TV and it works fine. However with my PS3, I can't make subtitles works (even trying to enable subtitle at menu while playing). Streaming works fine at PS3, though. I'm not sure if this is a problem related with PS3 player, or maybe some modifications should be applied at minidlna source to work (any patches for that?).. maybe related with MIME types with PS3 client?? I've tried some modifications and compiled successfully but doesn't work.
    With many thanks and kind regards

  • juarez gonçalves pedra jr

    The PS3 have no ability to show external subtitles, that's why the subtitles don't work.


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