Anonymous - 2012-01-30

After a long weekend of patching and packaging, I've got MiniDLNA working well to serve my music collection to my Samsung Blu-ray players.

One of the features that led me to MiniDLNA, is its "server-side playlist" capability.  The Blu-ray players are extremely limited (no playlist support, no shuffle, etc.), so the ability to create playlists on the server for use on the Blu-ray players is important.  (It goes without saying that none of the UPnP control point applications I've tried can see the Blu-ray players.)

Now I'm looking for a good web application to create playlists.  I'm currently using the Logitech Media Server (aka Squeezebox Server) web interface, since I've already got that installed, but it's fairly limited.

Anyone know of a good app?