Rks - 2012-07-24

Freenas announced the release of 8.2 on 20th July, to which I promptly installed as I was missing Fuppes on the 8.0.4 version. I've earlier used 0.7 which had fuppes available native. The installation was a breeze but I am stuck at started the minidlna server. I am able to install the jail PBI and also the transmission and the firefly (DAAP) PBI. Both these are working and am able to stream to my Ipad the entire 1 TB of music on my Freenas.

The minidlna installation goes through. I am able to configure the plug-in as well. But when i try to start the server fails to start. Does anyone have any idea why this would be so. I am using a x64 installation on a Intel Core 2 Duo machine.