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  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2012-08-01


    I have a general question regarding the Upnp protocol. Seeing the quality of this component I think there will surely be an expert to answer.

    I have a Upnp renderer devise (Pioneer N50) and use it to read the music I have on my laptop running a Linux distrib using minudlna. I also have a subscription to Deezer, a web music service. Of course I would like to be able to read music streamed by Deezer on my Upnp renderer.

    As far as I know AirPlay protocol allow to stream music to a AirPlay rendered devise. Is it also possible using Upnp ? I wonder if it would be possible to use the Pulse Audio service to send any sound play on my laptop on a UPnP rendered ?

    Additionally I wonder if anyone knows if it exists an Android App allowing to play any sound on a UPnP devise ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Cecil Coupe

    Cecil Coupe - 2012-08-02

    I am not an expert and I am not a minidlna developer so I could be wrong.  AirPlay is a variant of DAAP protocol. There are DAAP servers available and they can coexist with dlna servers and use the same set of music files (i've done that). Minidlna does not do DAAP and I wouldn't expect to do so in the future.  Two different ways to play music.  Your Deezer account is a third way to play music. There are many other web based systems.  I would be very surprised if minidlna would grow to handle them, because DLNA protocol is quite painful as is.

    DLNA has a structure.  Music->Artist->Album->Song.  Pulse Audio is just the bits flowing from one source to another inside the Linux system, no metadata about what is playing or how to control it from outside the Linux system.  Although technically possible, it may not be feasible. Dead project Coherence attempted the things you ask for, but it's dead.

    For Android, I have used UpnpPlayer to play music and watch videos. There are others in the Android Store. They DO NOT route or control other DLNA servers or clients.  It is not a remote control of all dlna devices on a network.

    It's a complex world down in the sound and video trenches. Some things work. Some things don't and manufacturers abuse the DLNA specs when no abuse is required.

  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2012-08-06

    Thanks for this feedback, you know a lot for a non-expert.


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