PS3 and Browse Folders

  • Peter Steiner

    Peter Steiner - 2009-07-05

    I am using minidlna (ReadyNas) with PS3 as media streamer. I like to utilize the folder browsing feature because it provides the only way to categorize content in a flexible manner.

    A disadvantage with this in relation to PS3 is that from you have to access the NAS separately for videos, music or pictures. In each category, the browsing feature of minidlna displays all folders, though the PS3 only recognizes content of the respective type.

    Therefor, a feature to filter the browse folders view according to the selected category would be nice.

    I would be willing to write a patch for such a feature, but before I go along and spend time on investigation:

    - Do you think such a feature would be possible to implement? The main question is if minidlna is able to identify which category the user is browsing from the PS3 requests, and I do not know how DLNA behaves in this regard...

    - Would you accept a solid implementation of such a feature upstream? Making it a configuration option should provide for a non-intrusive extension.

  • Kevin Pors

    Kevin Pors - 2009-09-30

    I've noticed the same thing. It's not a large issue, since everything is visible in each section (vid/pictures/music), however it would be nice if it indeed would not show the "Music" folder when you are browsing for "Video" files in the "Video" section.


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