• Stedy

    Stedy - 2009-01-07

    Have you stop developing this project?
    It seams like this project is closest to what a KDL 46W4500 owner need for serving media files. So it would be pity if this project does not develop into a stable product...

    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-01-07

      I'm still working on it in what little spare time I have.  Hopefully my real job will afford me with more free time soon.  What are the features you would like to see first?  Are you seeing any instability/crashing?

    • Stedy

      Stedy - 2009-01-12

      No its seams to work quite well for my needs as a home server user.
      But I think you could get some more activity on the bug-tracker if you release a .deb package on Sourceforge. And/or a description on how to compile the source.
      I also think it should be possible to define more than one media_dir in the configfile (ex: one for pictures and one for music)
      default presentation url ?? is that implemented? if not remove things like that from the config file. its only confusing if it does not work...

      I think you have a good product and I hope people start using your software.

    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-02-03

      Thanks for the feedback.  Can you try out the latest CVS code?  You can now specify multiple media_dir entries, and you can even limit them by content type (so, for example, your album art doesn't get scanned when all you want is music).


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