Sony Blueray BDP-S370 not displaying MP4 avc

  • frednukem

    frednukem - 2012-05-08

    I have ReadyNAS NV+ (RAIDiator V4.1.8) using ReadyDLNA (aka Minidlna) V1.0.24.3. One of the renderers I've got is a Sony Blueray BDP-S370.

    The Sony Blueray player doesn't show my *.mp4 files.  It can see (and play) all other files (avi's, vob's, mkv, etc). The mp4 are H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (avc1).  So just to be clear, the mp4 files don't show up on the the display of file lists, at all.  As you'll see if you read the info below, the Sony Blueray BDP-S370 can play the mp4 files OK, but when using ReadyDLNA (aka Minidlna), the mp4 files don't even appear.

    At first I thought that ReadyDLNA wasn't doing auto updates of files. I did a manual rescan of files, but none of the new mp4 would appear. Next, I thought that ReadyDLNA had some problem with the mp4 files. I stuck Toggle_ReadyDLNA_Debug_1.0 in and checked the MiniDLNA log file. All the mp4 files that wouldn't show on the Sony BDP-S370 were apperring with this in the log file:
    scanner.c:727: info: Scanning /c/media/videos/Movies/Action/Apocalypse Now (1979)
    metadata.c:853: debug: Container: 'mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2'
    metadata.c:1271: debug: AVC profile  not recognized for file Apocalypse.Now.Redux.DVDRIP-ZEKTORM.mp4

    I tried other renderers, to see if the mp4 files were appearing and playing.  All the other renderers showed the mp4 files in question and would play them just fine.

    I configured another DLNA server, Serviio V0.6.2 and configured it to share a bunch of files, including the mp4 files in question. When I check on the Sony Blueray BDP-S370 and all the Serviio shared mp4 files appreared just fine and they all played just fine.

    So I can use mp4's with ReadyDLNA(MiniDLNA) and other players, but not the Sony Blueray BDP-S370. I can use mp4's with the Sony Blueray BDP-S370 and other DLNA servers. I just can't use mp4's with with ReadyDLNA(MiniDLNA) and the Sony Blueray BDP-S370 together. Urrrg.

    In the log file, the Sony Blueray BDP-S370 renderer shows up as:
    User-Agent: UPnP/1.0
    X-AV-Physical-Unit-Info: pa="Blu-ray Disc Player";
    X-AV-Client-Info: av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="Blu-ray Disc Player"; mv="2.0";

    I figure its got something to do with player profiles or something.

    Is anyone able to help with this please?

    ReadyNAS NV+ RAIDiator V4.1.8
    4x SAMSUNG HD203WI 1862 GB
    ReadyDLNA (aka Minidlna) V1.0.24.3
    Toggle_ReadyDLNA_Debug_1.0 installed

    Other info…
    Sony Blueray BDP-S370
    XBMC on a PC Win32

  • P Walden

    P Walden - 2012-05-08

    I have a BDP-S370 and I have noticed that it is extremely fussy about the video format and resolutions it will deal with.

    Normally this renderer will only play DVD formatted mpeg2 (and mkv?) files over DLNA.

    To some extent minidlna has already incorporated known BDP-S370 loop-holes to fake it out and get it to play many other formats.

  • frednukem

    frednukem - 2012-05-08

    Yes, I saw that a change done a while back to get BDP-S370 to play MKV files by telling it that they are DIVX.

    I thought of a few extra things I should could add …

    When using a Serviio V0.6.2 DLNA server (as a test), it was configured with transcoding turned OFF, to make sure it was sending only the standard mp4 to the BDP-S370.

    The BDP-S370 is a unit purchased in Australia, so its probably a PAL device. Not sure if there is a difference between units for different countries.  Its installed with the latest firmware M03.R.769.

    This problem with not showing the mp4 files existed before I upgraded the BDP-S370 firmware too.

  • P Walden

    P Walden - 2012-05-09

    To make things more complicated, I understand that US units are even more crippled by design than units in other countries (Canada as i recall). Sony playing games with perceived country by country levels of DRM threats.

  • mw46d

    mw46d - 2012-07-17

    I have similar problems with a BDP-BX57 (BDP-S570 repackaged) with mp4 files. I changed the minidlna sources a bit and now my BD player can actually play mpeg4 files;-) Maybe that helps somebody else;-)

    BTW, my libavformat version 53.3 has still the  av_close_input_file() method.

    diff -ruN minidlna-1.0.25.orig/metadata.c minidlna-1.0.25/metadata.c
    --- minidlna-1.0.25.orig/metadata.c     2012-06-29 14:11:29.000000000 -0700
    +++ minidlna-1.0.25/metadata.c  2012-07-16 22:57:35.409858890 -0700
    @@ -110,7 +110,7 @@
     static inline void
     lav_close(AVFormatContext *ctx)
    -#if LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION_INT >= ((53<<16)+(2<<8)+0)
    +#if LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION_INT >= ((53<<16)+(4<<8)+0)
    diff -ruN minidlna-1.0.25.orig/upnphttp.c minidlna-1.0.25/upnphttp.c
    --- minidlna-1.0.25.orig/upnphttp.c     2012-06-29 17:31:43.000000000 -0700
    +++ minidlna-1.0.25/upnphttp.c  2012-07-17 00:03:35.763068967 -0700
    @@ -1908,9 +1908,11 @@
                            /* ... and Sony BDP-S370 won't play MKV unless we pretend it's a DiVX file */
                            else if( h->req_client == ESonyBDP )
    -                               if( strcmp(last_file.mime+6, "x-matroska") == 0 ||
    -                                   strcmp(last_file.mime+6, "mpeg") == 0 )
    +                               if( strcmp(last_file.mime+6, "x-matroska") == 0)
                                            strcpy(last_file.mime+6, "divx");
    +                               /* mw46d */
    +                               if (strcmp(last_file.mime + 6, "mp4") == 0)
    +                                       strcpy(last_file.mime + 6, "mpeg");
                    if( result[5] )
    diff -ruN minidlna-1.0.25.orig/upnpsoap.c minidlna-1.0.25/upnpsoap.c
    --- minidlna-1.0.25.orig/upnpsoap.c     2012-07-10 14:15:16.000000000 -0700
    +++ minidlna-1.0.25/upnpsoap.c  2012-07-16 23:56:05.799749638 -0700
    @@ -800,6 +800,15 @@
                                            strcpy(mime+6, "mpeg");
    +                       /* mw46d */
    +                        if( passed_args->client == ESonyBDP )
    +                        {
    +                                if( strcmp(mime + 6, "x-matroska") == 0)
    +                                        strcpy(mime + 6, "divx");
    +                                if (strcmp(mime + 6, "mp4") == 0)
    +                                        strcpy(mime + 6, "mpeg");
    +                        }
                            /* From what I read, Samsung TV's expect a [wrong] MIME type of x-mkv. */
                            if( passed_args->flags & FLAG_SAMSUNG )

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