FritzMeee - 2012-09-02


is there auto rotation support in minidlna? If not - are there technical reasons or does it make sense trying to get that inside?

I guess many cameras include picture orientation within the EXIF information in our days. I'd prefer the display component to rotate instead of manipulating the source. Not that I develop that much pictures after hand, but it doesn't feel right to rotate the source file.

My 1500€ LG TV doesn't feel honoring such EXIF information for DLNA sourced files makes sense. So the only way i see is to get it in the open source middle ware.

2011-06 there was a statement from Justin that rotation is not supported but might be considered:

Early this year, Justin provided a patch that says 'Add image rotation support during resize'

I understand that it contains
- reading exif rotation information
- understanding the required rotation angle
- rotating

Sounds great? It doesn't rotate any of my pictures, so I'm guessing
- I'm missing a config parameter
- The 'resizing' in the comment means something. Its not working in the preview, either, so I'm not sure if that's connected?

I'd probably even try to revitalize some of my c skills to understand further, but would like to know the current state and potential pitfalls before doing that.