DLNA client compendium

  • ...Max...

    ...Max... - 2009-05-19

    I was wondering if someone knows a good list of hardware DLNA clients with detailed capabilities in terms of what they can actually play (envelopes & codecs). So far I found this (http://www.dlna.org/products/) and this (http://www.upnp-database.info/listDevices.jsp) which isn't much to go by when making a purchase decision.

    I learned that PS3 is supposed to be a good hardware client that many people use, but even in this case I couldn't find definite answers as to whether it can handle H.264 MKVs or DivX AVIs or whatnot... and if there are differences in firmware run by different versions (40G vs 60G vs 80G vs 160G...). Hard to believe that no one out there is compiling a general compendium :-)


    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-06-03

      Yes, it is quite difficult to figure out what the various clients will play back.  Of the ones I have used, PS3 does seem to be the best.  But it doesn't support .mkv's at all.  Most other things you throw at it, it will play back.  All versions of PS3 will play back the same file types.


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