Disappears from Pioneer after 30 mins

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-08

    I found that my minidlna server disappears from a Pioneer X-SMC3-K after 30 mins. It seems that the Pioneer only sends an M-SEARCH on cold boot, and this expires after 30mins. Restarting minidlna does not work. I noticed other dlna servers such as uShare popup in the Pioneer as soon as they are started. Minidlna does not.

    It turns out that the Pioneer is very fussy about the order of the NOTIFY packets. To get it to work I had to change the order in minissdp.c to:

    static const char * const known_service_types =

    No idea if this is a bug in the Pioneer or minidlna, or if the order is mandated in the uPnP standards, but just thought I would share my experience.


  • tyrael.homeip.net

    i seem to have the same Problem but your suggested Change does not work for me.

    the minidlna disappears at about 30 minutes, i use a Samsung tv (UE55ES6100) and my Samsung Blu-ray Player (E5500), both work fine with for example the Windows media Player sharing via dlna but minidlna just disappears.

    i hope there is a way to fix this, i would gladly test any code-changes ;-)

    i just found out, that my Problem is not connected to this cause. Just the result is the same. My Problem is described here:

    (#209 Disappearing DLNA when running on bridge Interface)

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  • stephil

    stephil - 2013-11-04

    Try increasing "inotify_interval" located in "minidlna.conf" file from 900 (15 minutes) to much greater value (hours...).
    I had the exact same issue with Philips TVs and the trick worked for me; increasing the value will let the sudden diappearing happening hours later, but by that time you'll certainly have switched the TV off to sleep...


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