...Max... - 2009-06-13

I have noticed that minidlna sometimes exits spontaneously -- I wouldn't say "crashes", because I don't see any alarming messages or core dumps. This happens if it's left idle (no clients on the LAN) or sometimes even during an ongoing session. In the latter case the last thing I see is the message about broken pipe from sendfile. As this happens all the time and is usually followed by reconnect, I can't tell if it is the cause of exit or not. At any rate, while resolving this issue would be nice (and I'll spend some time investigating when I have it), what about automatically restarting minidlna on an incoming connection through xinetd? Did anyone try to set it up? Now, my knowledge of UPnP is extremely vague and I know it relies on broadcasting but surely with an ongoing session the client already knows IP and port and connects directly?

For the record, my current client is PS3 upgraded to the latest firmware. And the setup GENERALLY works like a charm.