Metadatas in a MySQL database

  • Stéphane BOCQUET

    Hi all,

    I know that it could be surprising, but I really like to have miniDLNA database in a MySQL engine, in order to be able to build some others (web) applications to manage the metadatas (auto search and complete infos with imdb or discogs for example).

    Plus, many other products are installed on my NAS and use MySQL, and I really like to have only ONE database engine with different databases rather then another database engine that takes some RAM.

    At the end, metadatas can still be readable even if miniDLNA is down.

    Well, I know that is surelly more simple to have an embeded database for installing, but this could add some really interesting perspectives for miniDLNA. I would have tried myself but don't know enough C language at the moment to do that. If someone is interested for a run, feel free to contact me.

    It isn't trivial of course, but I think it can be a really good thing as we can update metadatas from others programs, and miniDLNA stays the best for rendering.

  • Stéphane BOCQUET

    Maybe an idea is to :

    - Use generic type instead of SQLite type in minidlna code,
    - Use some abstract files to code specific SQL request/database (mysql_requests.txt, sqlite_requests.txt)

  • Douglas Carmichael

    I am currently working on porting MiniDLNA to use PostgreSQL (with the assistance and support of jmaggard.)

    I've already got it working with generic types, and to the point where I'm successfully creating the basic MiniDLNA tables in PostgreSQL.

    However, I'm always interested in collaborators… if you're interested, email me at

    You can also access my work in my github repository ( in the 'pgsql' branch.

  • Douglas Carmichael

    I've now got MiniDLNA scanning through media and creating the tables with PostgreSQL, but am having some issues.
    Would there be any developers interested in assisting?


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