Option for simple structure

  • Folkert de Vries

    I enjoy using MiniDLNA, it's the best dlna server I've used so far.
    There's just one thing that I, and maybe others as well, would prefer to be different or configurable.

    Right now, there's a pre-defined structure using meta-data:
    - All videos are placed under /Videos
    - All pictures are filtered by Camera, Date Taken
    - etc

    Since I prefer my own folder structure over one based on meta-data, I would like the option to have just the root and let my configured media dirs be reflected within that root.

    So if I have configured


    the structure would be (with all their respective subdirs)


    I know this is already present under Folders, I just could do without all the other directories :)

    I'm interested in hearing your opinion on this "simple structure" option and if it's a possibility.

    • Craig Chambers

      Craig Chambers - 2009-09-08

      I have my videos and music organised in a similar way, and would find this feature much more useful.
      I am also a little frustrated that for each media option on my Bravia TV,  I get all media types visible (Video, Music, Photo) despite the fact that I explicitly name a location (or several) for each media type.




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