Thanks for solving my woes with a Sony TV!

  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2009-04-08


    A hearty thanks to you Justin, and to anyone else that has contributed to this effort.

    I have been a user of TwonkyServer with a Netgear MP-101 for 6 years, but have just bought a Sony KDL40W5500 with the mistaken impression that DLNA certified devices would just work out of the box with my DLNA certified server - at least as far as MP3 was concerned. 

    After a thorough trawl and having tried out Fuppes and MediaTomb, I was tipped off about MiniDLNA.

    After a few hurdles (never used CVS before), I had the source, had grabbed the dependencies and had compiled and installed MiniDLNA on my Ubuntu 8.10 machine.   A quick few modifications to the config and I was away - music on my TV, that my wife can use (the acid test).

    Obviously the above is as you say foe 'advanced end users' and not the average punter, but I'm most grateful for your solution to my problem and wanted to offer my thanks for your efforts.

    Incidentally, my job is as a software tester, currently for Sony Ericsson where I am responsible for test environments.  I can't promise a lot of it, but I am willing to help out with testing every now and then in my own time.

    Craig Chambers

    • Justin Maggard

      Justin Maggard - 2009-04-09

      Thanks for the nice note, Craig!  I'm glad I was able to help.  If you have extra time and feel like exercising MiniDLNA, I'm all for it. :)


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