FF and REW not working with Samsung?

  • Trace

    Trace - 2012-03-05

    I have a Samsung 6000-series. Is there any way to jump to a certain point in time or percent of movie? Or to FF more than 10s / keypress on the remote? Pressing FF or REW on the remote gives the message "not available" (translated) from the TV. Pressing left or right arrow jumps 10s in time. But the video starts again before the next jump, so it's not fast.

    I have tried using my Lacie NAS dnla server, and it has the same limitations. I'm mostly on Linux, so I don't have Samsung dlna server software. I'd be happy to look into it if somebody can point me in the right direction, I have compiled minidlna from source.

    I guess much is due to stupidity of the player in the TV, but that is something I have to live with.

  • Leon Botha

    Leon Botha - 2012-03-24

    Hi trace42

    I only see that feature available on BD players and not on my TV.

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-09

    Hi Guys,

    I have Samsung C-series and I have same issue as Trace42. Would be nice to FF/REW more than 10 sec.:-)
    I am on Minidlna 1.0.24-2.

  • Leon Botha

    Leon Botha - 2012-04-27

    Hi All

    I have a Samsung C650 and i could not find any way to do this from the TV.
    As stated before, i have a Samsung Home Theatre - HT-C5500 and i found a way to do it there, BD players have the same option.
    So it seems that the issue is NOT MiniDLnA, but the player you use that have to support this.
    I have also noticed that if you have index issues on your media files you will not be able to FF/REW


  • Emmanuel Touzery

    it's the same with my TV it's not that bad: it's 10 seconds at first… but if you keep the button pressed, it accelerates. and in the end you can quickly jump almost to the end of the movie.

  • tequilatram

    tequilatram - 2012-07-15

    I'm not sure if it was a recent Samsung firmware update or not, but I have a "Time Search" button under the Tools menu that you can use to go to a specific point in a video file on my 6000 series.  I just found this last night when my wife accidentally turned off the TV instead of resuming a paused movie.  The tricky part is remembering what time you were at in the movie.



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