restrict access to just one client

  • hfish

    hfish - 2013-01-28

    Hi all

    I've successfully installed miniDLNA on my pc to stream some videos to my TV.
    I would like to restrict miniDLNA access to a certain IP or set of IP to prevent my roommates to see all my stuff…

    is this option available?


  • Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers - 2013-01-29

    UPnP/DLNA do not offer any access restrictions.

    You could do this with a firewall on the server though.  Just create a rule that restricts access to the port that you have set minidlna to run on (default is TCP:8200) in whatever way that you want.

    Obviously you'll need to research how to do this (if you don't already know), but there are plenty of pages or blog/forum posts with instructions on using ufw (or gufw), or using IPtables.



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