I try to install minidlna in CentOS 6 but ..

  • SummerWang

    SummerWang - 2012-02-24

    $ make
    Compiling minidlna.c
    Compiling upnphttp.c
    Compiling upnpdescgen.c
    Compiling upnpsoap.c
    Compiling upnpreplyparse.c
    Compiling minixml.c
    Compiling getifaddr.c
    Compiling daemonize.c
    Compiling upnpglobalvars.c
    Compiling options.c
    Compiling minissdp.c
    Compiling uuid.c
    Compiling upnpevents.c
    Compiling sql.c
    Compiling utils.c
    Compiling metadata.c
    Compiling scanner.c
    Compiling inotify.c
    Compiling tivo_utils.c
    Compiling tivo_beacon.c
    Compiling tivo_commands.c
    Compiling tagutils/textutils.c
    Compiling tagutils/misc.c
    Compiling tagutils/tagutils.c
    Compiling playlist.c
    Compiling image_utils.c
    Compiling albumart.c
    Compiling log.c
    make: *** No rule to make target `-lavformat', needed by `minidlna'.  Stop.

    I wanna help.

    Thank you so much!

  • Jonathan Casiot

    Jonathan Casiot - 2012-02-24

    This one had me stumped for a while as well…

    The answer is the minidlna target in the Makefile at line 67. This includes $(LIBS) which is unnecessary as you've already installed and built the libraries you need. Anyway, with $(LIBS) included in this target, for some reason make on CentOS can't find the ffmpeg libraries (libavformat, libavcodec, etc.) and tries to build those libraries, which is why you get the error.

    The fix is simply to remove $(LIBS) from this target. The target then looks like this:

    minidlna:       $(BASEOBJS) $(LNXOBJS)
            @echo Linking $@
            @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(BASEOBJS) $(LNXOBJS) $(LIBS)


  • SummerWang

    SummerWang - 2012-02-24

    Thank you Jonathan.

    And now the problem comes into "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lavformat" after it begins to linking?

    Have anyone met this before?

  • Jonathan Casiot

    Jonathan Casiot - 2012-02-24

    What directory do you have libavformat and the other ffmpeg libraries installed in?

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-25

    There's not need to modify the makefile.  You need to install


    from RPMForge.

  • SummerWang

    SummerWang - 2012-02-25

    Thank you guys.

    I am a newbie to CentOS, so I transfer to Ubuntu again .

    And It's convinent for me to install minidlna through "sudo apt-get install minidlna" ….

  • Jonathan Casiot

    Jonathan Casiot - 2012-02-25

    If all you want to do is run minidlna without making changes to the code, then why not download and  install the 'static' version. This includes the required library code in the binary and works fine on CentOS 6.2.



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