Media scan only caching some album art

  • Douglas Mackenzie

    I've spent a few hours today trying to get to the bottom of why only certain tracks in my music collection have album art associated with them when I access them from my Netgear ReadyNas Duo with my Samsung C-series LED TV.

    I've deleted files.db and art_cache folder from /var/cache/minidlna and done a rescan.
    When the scan is complete there are only 26 folders (albums) inside the art_cache folder. On the ReadyNas I have 496 albums with the album art embedded in the MetaData of the tracks.

    Some of these folders only contain the artwork for one of the tracks on the album, even though all the tracks on the album have the same JPG embedded into the MetaData.

    Here is an excerpt from the log file during the scan:
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Moon
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Moon/Enta da Stage
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/B.R.M.C_
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Sheep
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /c/media/iTunes Media/Music/Black Sheep/A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
    albumart.c:263: debug: Found new embedded album art in 08 To Whom It May Concern.mp3

    As you can see, the scan detects no album art for Black Moon/Enta da Stage or Rebel Motorcycle Club/B.R.M.C_, but detects album art for track 8 of Black Sheep/A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing even though all the preceding tracks on that album (and the two other albums listed) contain embedded album art.

    If anyone could shine some light on this (maybe the developer?), I would be most grateful.

    I have MiniDLNA v 1.0.21 installed. All the tracks were imported into iTunes which uses the ReadyNas to host the media folder.

  • Douglas Mackenzie

    I've worked it out.

    Although the album art shows up for each track in iTunes, it doesn't mean the album art is embedded.

    In my case, some of the album art was stored in iTunes -> Album Artwork ->Download.

    There doesn't appear to be any way of telling from Get Info in iTunes whether the album art is embedded or not.


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