#77 Add a debian/ubuntu init.d

Cecil Coupe

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post an update. I'm not sourceforge/CVS savvy. My Apologies. Anyway the attached file is an init.d to use on Debian or Ubuntu that appears to do the right thing with update-rc.d

The top level INSTALL file needs to include "sudo make install" where it says "hope it works" and should describe how to get get one on the minidlna.init.d.xxx file installed.

BTW, thanks or all the good work on minidlna.


  • AzaToth

    AzaToth - 2011-07-24

    That file already exists in the VCS under the linux directory.

  • Benoît Knecht

    Benoît Knecht - 2011-07-26

    And there a minidlna package in Debian/Ubuntu (slightly outdated on Ubuntu), which comes with an init script.

    Benoît Knecht

  • Cecil Coupe

    Cecil Coupe - 2011-07-26

    Sorry folks. I didnt't know of the VCS distribution. A debian init.d was not in my CVS update either.
    There is no minidlna in my ubuntu 10.10 (synaptic) and I've got many extra repositories enabled.

    With all the newbies attempting to compile from source w/o distributions or packaging help I thought maybe including a recent init.d would be helpful
    That's all. The README/INSTALL still need something more that "hope it works".


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