#142 when adding thumbnails no video plays anymore


MiniDLNA works without problem for my Samsung TV, until I add thumbnails.

When I add them, I see the thumbnails on the (samsung) TV! but... then the videos don't play anymore. It seems then minidlna serves for the video the image/jpeg mimetype!

can also confirm this using the DK Dlna DLNA client on my android smartphone: the video plays fine until I add a thumbnail. Then when clicking the video, it asks whether to open it with the gallery or image viewer and says it's image/jpeg.

Also others have seen this problem:

I found that the change i attach (against 1.0.24) fixes the problem for me.

Sadly it fixes it for the TV, not for the android software. For the android software I found that commenting completely the "video" handling of album art and keeping only the "audio" part makes it work perfectly...


  • Emmanuel Touzery

    what i can see about my TV in the logs btw:

    Model: Samsung DTV DMR
    Serial: 20081224DMR

  • Emmanuel Touzery

    And to make it clear when I make it work for the Android client by using the code path for audio album art also for videos then I loose the thumbnails on the tv... I don't have the solution to get both to work.

  • Zyxmon

    Zyxmon - 2012-06-27

    Thumbnails for video work out of the box in 1.0.24 on Samsung TV - models D6530 and D7000.

  • Emmanuel Touzery

    The exact model on my TV, on which the patch is required, is le32c530f1w bought in june 2010.

    So, C530 is the important part AFAIK.

  • Emmanuel Touzery

    But yes the C530 doesn't support DLNA nor network, I upgraded it to C550 model using a hotel mode hack. However I believe it now behaves a C550 would.


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