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MiniCppUnit 2.5 Released

A minor release.
Basically small changes for MSVisual compatibility

Posted by parumi 2006-03-14

MiniCppUnit 2.4 Released

New in version 2.4 2006-03-14

- exit test case after first failure
- double and float comparison with fuzzy equals (using scalable epsilon)
- have into account not a numbers
- more colors, and disabled when comiled in MS Visual
- removed catalan location.
- UsageExample.cxx now uses all macros and

It needs to be tested on Windows / MSVisual.
Any feedback is very welcomed... read more

Posted by parumi 2006-03-14

MiniCppUnit 2.3 Released

Released as a tarball ( with
a simple usage example and scons script.

Fixed some minor problem with g++ 4

It keep being as mini as allways !

Enjoy and give feedback!

Posted by parumi 2006-02-13