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version numbering

1.41 is out and I am glad to see that packages for some distributions become available, for instance Ubuntu and Fedora. The package maintainer for Fedora pointed out that with the number 1.41 it would be difficult when I name the next version 1.5 as I originally intended. It would be less and so buried behind the 1.41. So the next version will be 1.50, hopefully in this year, bringing a polyphonic mode. Stay tuned...

Posted by Malte Steiner 2010-02-07

binary package for Ubuntu Karmic

For the current version 1.41 there is a binary package for Ubuntu Karmic (thats Ubuntu 9.10). I stay away from providing binarys but someone Jeremy uploaded that to

Posted by Malte Steiner 2010-02-02

new release version 1.4

its another year and here is a new release, fixing some bugs:

- fix: names of patches and multis where displayed only the last letters which are usually blanks
- fix: change so that it can be now compiled without being in C99 mode
- new: using alsaseq eventfilter to receive only events that are processed

Posted by Malte Steiner 2010-01-30

version 1.3 released

Today the new version 1.3 is released. Main changes are a better compatibility to current gcc compilers and better envelopes. They are now sort of exponential and have a better punch imho.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2009-01-20

gcc 4.3 and Minicomputer

Today I added the patch Leslie P. Polzer sent me a while ago concerning some legacy includes which doesn't work with gcc/g++ 4.3 and onwards (I still have a slightly older version which doesnt give me any trouble) . I reworked some headers and commit it to the SVN. Expect a 1.2.1 version soon, which is just a maintenance release.

Here is the patch anyway, thanks Leslie!:

Index: editor/Memory.h

--- editor/Memory.h (revision 92)
+++ editor/Memory.h (working copy)
@@ -25,11 +25,13 @@
#include <string> //string
//#include <boost/archive/text_oarchive.hpp>
//#include <boost/archive/text_iarchive.hpp>
-#include <stdio.h>
-#include <stdlib.h>
+#include <cstdio>
+#include <cstdlib>
+#include <cerrno>
+#include <cstring>... read more

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-05-31

1.2 released

Version 1.2 is released today. Highlights are an included installer/deinstaller which install it to /usr/local/bin and an unified behaviour, you now only need to start only one application. Several bugfixes of course too.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-05-01

step closer to a unified behaviour

In the svn repo I commited changes which make the editor starting and stopping the synthcore so it looks more like a monolitic application. But for now it has to be in the same directory and the editor has to be started from within. It screams for a healthy installer and deinstaller so the apps resides in a bin/ file and this is comming next.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-04-29

optimization for 1.1

I got a chance to check out Minicomputer on Intel platform with Ubuntustudio and discoverd a bug which made low latency impossible in this setup. Maybe AMD is more tolerant but I had to change the sleep time of the new Midithread in the engine main.c . It behaves much better. The change is for now only in the repository but will be in the next release.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-03-19

back from Musik Messe

On Sunday I came back from the Frankfurt Musik Messe which was an exhausting but cool experience. I got the chance to exhibit Minicomputer and Linux as an audio platform in general at the booth of Synthesizer Magazin for which I write articles. At least some coverage happend, Matrixsynth posted about it and its in the video by Sonic State along with a ride through our booth. read more

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-03-19

version 1.1 released

Today I released the version 1.1 which should fix some bugs like wrong colors in the editor and jack zombification of the engine, which happen to some users.
A new feature is in it anyway, now you can specify the port number for OSC connection so its now possible to run more then one instance of Minicomputer.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-03-09

reverse colors in the editor

If you experience wrong colors in the editor so it doesnt look like in the screenshot, try to start it with following parameters

./miniEditor -bg grey -fg black

Some users reported a reverse colorscheme, done by their window managers.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-02-24

audio demos added on the website

I add 3 different audio demos to the webpage of this project, available in MP3 and OGG. They demo several sounds, only one at a time, no additional effects or mastering and recorded via Jack directly from Minicomputer.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-02-19

first release

finally the first release of Minicomputers sources. I wont offer binarys but think its easy to compile on your own.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-02-19

more waveforms and scons script corrected

The latest development is the inclusion of some waveforms from Microcomputer, a shareware plugin I developed for Windows and Mac OS 9 some years ago. Some errors in the scons script are fixed so I managed to build Minicomputer easily on two computers, one is loaded with the 64bit distribution 64 Studio on which I do the major development and one is a plain 32 bit Ubuntu, even with a special kernel.... read more

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-01-18

delay added

the latest and last addition to the signal path is a delay for each sound voice. It can be modulated by the same modulators as the rest of the sound opening up some interesting possibilities. From variing echos, flanger to total sonic destruction everything is possible.
We getting closer to a 1.0 release...

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-01-14

optimization galore

Just by rearranging and unrolling some calculations I freed 10 % (!) cpu load, usually Minicomputer takes 17 % load on my laptop and now only 7%. Code is in the SVN and should be compile flawlessly.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2008-01-05

switched to Scons as build tool

Today I wrote and checked in a SConstruct file so building Minicomputer is much easier.

Posted by Malte Steiner 2007-12-27

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