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New face joins us!

ww9rivers has very strong development background!
After his comming, we could make big improvment of miniC soon!

Posted by Bo Zhang 2003-11-06

Rxvt crash bug fixed!

The new added patch fixed the old bug that chinput could crash rxvt, and also fixed a off-the-spot bug for the new released version.

Posted by Bo Zhang 2003-07-17

New version 0.1.9 released!

Lots of new features added in ZNPY module, and
NQWB module.

Posted by Bo Zhang 2003-07-14

New group member and New Wubi table!

"nianqing", the author of NianqingWubi on windows, joined our project! NQWB was a Windows based input method, which is quite successful as a Wubi-method. "nianqing" decided to publish his wubi table as a GPL software, so we can use it in miniChinput.
Now, the sourcecode in cvs is already updated. A new version will be released in the near future.

Posted by Bo Zhang 2003-06-27