Added keyboard zoning support

So I also found I was stupidly increasing the UART buffer to help stop sysex overflow.

But I realized this is the wrong approach. I had _thought_ that read/write are same speed.
However, this doesnt appear to be the case.
So inevitably one runs behind.

Instead, using simple 512 byte buffer per stream (or at least per stream that will accept sysex) allows the data to be read in.

Working on sysex annotation.
NOTE: Clearly I have already solved this in the Miniak panel.
But I want to revisit that code, now that I havent looked for it a while,
so I can have an independent review and hence both products benefit.

Also with Arduino I may need to be tighter with the logic.
I finally worked out all of the exp (NRPN k) curves so I suspect I will add
these into the Miniak panel.

Apparently some folks have been writing to my sourceforge mail and I havent been reading it -- probably because I didnt realize I had one.

The easiest way to get hold of me is via the Ion/Micron/Miniak forum.
You can PM with ease, and there are more diagrams of the project state so far



Steve H

Posted by Stephen Hookings 2012-07-06

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