M$ #!&*%#!


I had a couple of folks contact me saying "Your Miniaktools dont work!".
Hmmh ... what OS.
Windows 7 64bit.

Odd ... that what I have on the laptop and it works ... oh shoot ... I have windows 7 32 bit on the laptop and windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on this machine.

It's the desktop I bought for the Mrs to replace the aging OptiPlex GX260 -- which is the PC you see in the MiniakTool's garage photo ... runs Linux and importantly audio/midi excellently.

So Mrs is out at work, and I have been working all night for my real job.

I invesigated, along with some google search.

Of course, MS 64 bit is L32P64!! Long 32bit pointer 64 bit.

The interop code I wrote uses old 32bit API.
So of course it goes awry.

Solution? Simples ...compile as x86 not x64.

This appears to work.
Now to try to snag a victim to test this ... I know just who to contact :-).

All the best electronic music Guru's are German.
Das is wunderbar!


Steve H

Posted by Stephen Hookings 2012-03-14

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