MinGW: where is ld.exe? where is objcopy? w..

  • AlexKlm_ru

    AlexKlm_ru - 2007-12-01

    MinGW: where is ld.exe? where is assembler? Where are all tool required to do something usefull by MinGW package?
    Maybe i can't find it, but i second or third time download MinGW and there no linker or asembler inside?
    How can i get complete MinGW tools? Thank you for an answer in advance.

    • Soren Andersen

      Soren Andersen - 2007-12-01

      You are asking in a completely wrong place, AlexKlm. You must have worked very hard to find such a completely inappropriate way to ask for basic help with MinGW. I admire all that hard work. Wish it had gone to something productive, though.


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