#9 configure problems

Earnie Boyd
Andrey Reznik

please help me with my problem.

When i've tried to use mingw under cygwin
enviroinment, i found a problem: configure scripts
from some programs began to fail. Everything was good
when I did use cygwin itself...

What i mean by 'fail':
There is a check "checking $(MAKE) variable" in that
scripts. To perform it, such script creates a Makefile:

@echo '"$(MAKE)"'
(or @echo 'some_var="$(MAKE)"')

and runs make (at this time - make from mingw, not
from cygwin).
It produces string as
(notice \ instead of " ), and eval fails.

What is wrong here?


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    I don't know if this is your problem, but for me, running configure scripts with make and gcc from MinGW and the ash shell from Cygwin fails when checking if make sets $MAKE.

    The culprit is that somewhere inside the configure script, there's something like "make whatever 2> something," which in theory should pipe the errors (2 is the handle to the standard error output) from make and spit them into the file something.

    Unfortunately, if you use the make in MinGW, it will interpret the command as meaning make the target named whatever, and the target named 2. Redirecting the standard error output doesn't seem to work in this case.

    The easiest fix is just to use make utility from Cygwin. it seems to handle the redirecting properly.

    Hope that helps.

  • Andrey Reznik
    Andrey Reznik

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    No, it's another problem.

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith

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    What OS? (Win9x/ME or NT/W2000)

    I see the problem, and also how to fix.

    One fix would be to assume that every one who uses the
    mingw version of make also uses the cygwin version of
    sh.exe. That is the cleanest (in the code) but not
    acceptable for obvious reasons. If we can assume a cygwin
    sh.exe, we may as well just point users to the cygwin
    version of make.

    Another fix would be to force subprocs to be run as
    scripts: the code for that is already in place, but needs
    to be forced with compile-time flag when building make.
    The drawback is that the tmp script (or batch files
    depending on whether make finds any sh.exe or not) may not
    be deleted if make fails so you get loose turds floating
    around in tmp directory. Other drawback is that the dir
    chosen as tmp may not be writeable if user hasn't defined
    TEMP or TMP environment variable.

    Care to test the latter fix on your system?


  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith

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  • Andrey Reznik
    Andrey Reznik

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    OS - WinNT
    Yes, I use cygwin version of sh.exe, surely it is a
    At this time I just skip this problem, using Cygwin's
    version of Mingw.

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    Well... I have experienced the same, too. I believe that
    this is a persistent bug in Mingw's make. I am using
    Mingw's Make version 3.79. And by using cygwin's make.exe,
    I get rid of this problem at all. Note: I am using Windows
    2000 pro here.


  • Earnie Boyd
    Earnie Boyd

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  • Earnie Boyd
    Earnie Boyd

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    Old request. - Closed.