#130 Windows Access Control Causing Slow Starts

MSYS (18)

I understand that MSYS uses Windows file access control mechanisms.
My problem is I'm on a domain machine with the authentication server half-way across the world.
If I have a live network connection to my LOGONSERVER, it takes several seconds to get the shell started (and every command in a make is doing the same).
Looking at the traffic in wireshark, I'm communicating with my remote domain server apparently to get authentication to do anything file related.

I can try to change/delete my LOGONSERVER environment variable...but that doesn't stop anything...just ends up in a bunch of bad NBNS requests and timeouts on the connections....still slowness and pauses.

If I disconnect my network connection...all is good and fast.

I realize this may be more of a windows issue, but is there any way of stopping this domain server access (when network connected) on every command?


  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2011-01-26
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  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2011-01-26

    The slowness is more likely due to mapped drives than to the logon server. One option is to try make sure that one process remains open during the execution of the build. Also, the anti-virus software may be reporting results back to the remote domain server slowing the result back to MSYS.

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