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2006-12-03  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	* src/portmaker.sh (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS): Adjust quoting; fixes an
	overquoting problem reported by Borut Razem.
	* template.mingwPORT.question (CXXFLAGS): Ask user to confirm.

2006-11-23  Borut Razem <borut.razem@siol.net>

	* template/mingwPORT.afterquestion: Add braces;
	they are required to group `tar' and `kill' commands, to raise...
	(SIGUSR1): ...this, on `tar' command failure, while writing...
	($ARCHIVE.log): ...this file unconditionally.

2006-09-09  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	* src/portmaker.sh (SRCDIR, PREFIX): Modified defaults.
	* template/mingwPORT.sh (SIGUSR1): Define `trap'...
	(ONTRACK): ...it sets this to `false'.

	* template/mingwPORT.messages (MSG_NOMKDIR, MSG_REFUSED): Renamed...
	(MSG_EMKDIR, MSG_EREFUSED): ...to these, respectively.
	(MSG_EABORT, MSG_EFAILED, MSG_EFATAL): New messages; defined.

	* template/mingwPORT.afterquestion (SIGUSR1): Raise it...
	(ARCHIVE): ...on failure to `untar' this...
	(MSG_EFATAL): ...failing with this.
	(MSG_NOMKDIR, MSG_REFUSED): Update references...
	(MSG_EMKDIR, MSG_EREFUSED): ...to use these instead.

2006-06-16  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>


	* src/version.sh: Deleted; replaced by...
	* version.m4: ...this new file.

	* configure.ac, aclocal.m4: New files.
	* configure: New file; generated.

	* Makefile: Renamed to...
	* Makefile.in: ...this.
	(config.mak): Reference removed.
	(PREFIX, PACKAGE, VERSION): Define as autoconf substitutions.
	(SUBDIRS): Don't need `-f Makefile' in make rule; removed.
	  Don't pass `PREFIX', 'PACKAGE' and 'VERSION' explicitly; let
	  configure do it implicitly.

	* config.mak: Redundant file; deleted.

	* src/Makefile: Renamed to...
	* src/Makefile.in: ...this.
	(version.sh): All references removed.
	(portmaker): Make it depend on `Makefile' for version change;
	  adjust make rule accordingly, and also to accommodate `VPATH'.
	(PREFIX, PACKAGE, VERSION): Define as autoconf substitutions.
	(srcdir, prefix, exec_prefix, bindir): Likewise.
	(prefix): Alias to `PREFIX'.
	(VPATH): Define.

	* lib/Makefile: Renamed to...
	* lib/Makefile.in: ...this.
	(PREFIX, PACKAGE, VERSION): Define as autoconf substitutions.
	(srcdir, exec_prefix, bindir): Likewise.
	(libdir): Derive likewise.
	(prefix): Alias to `PREFIX'.
	(VPATH): Define.

	* doc/Makefile: Renamed to...
	* doc/Makefile.in: ...this.
	(PREFIX, PACKAGE, VERSION): Define as autoconf substitutions.
	(srcdir, datadir): Likewise.
	(docdir): Derive from `datadir'.
	(prefix): Alias to `PREFIX'.
	(VPATH): Define.

	* template/Makefile: Renamed to...
	* template/Makefile.in: ...this.
	(PREFIX, PACKAGE, VERSION): Define as autoconf substitutions.
	(srcdir, datadir): Likewise.
	(templatedir): Derive from `datadir'.
	(prefix): Alias to `PREFIX'.
	(VPATH): Define.

2006-06-09  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	Add validation, and creation, of working directories, addressing
	issues reported by Anatoly Techtonik <techtonik@users.sf.net>

	* src/version.sh (_PATCH_RELEASE): Increment.

	* lib/functions (abspath, pathenc, pathexp): New functions.
	(win32path): Modify comment; revised usage description.
	(complain): New function...
	(die): Use it.

	* template/mingwPORT.sh (ONTRACK): New variable; define and use it.
	(ABSSRCDIR, ABSBUILDDIR): Remove; redundant variables, never used.
	(BUILDDIR): Make it absolute; create as temporary, if nonexistent.
	(SRCDIR, RMDIR): Relocate initialisation and checking...

	* template/mingwPORT.afterquestion: ...to here.
	(ONTRACK): Use and refresh.
	(chkpath): New function; defined here, because not used elsewhere.
	(RMDIR): Initialise as space separated list of temporary directories.
	(ARCHIVEDIR): Make it absolute; `chkpath' it for download.
	(TARFLAG): Disable setting of `zip'; it is not valid.
	(SRCROOT): New variable; define and `chkpath' it.
	(SRCDIR): Make it absolute.

	* template/mingwPORT.messages (MSG_NOMKDIR, MSG_REFUSED): Define.

	* template/mingwPORT.cleanup (RMDIR): Process as a list of directories.
	(BUILDDIR): `make distclean', if not in RMDIR.

2006-04-21  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	* lib/mingwPORT.functions: Add comments to document function usage.
	(win32path, pref, perform, require, action, step, die): New functions.
	(ask): Add optional `QueryMark' argument; force expansion of possible
	shell variables specified in reply.

	* src/portmaker.sh (ask): Use `QueryMark' feature.
	(PORTPATH): Include copies of new template files...
	* template/mingwPORT.help, template/mingwPORT.messages: New files.
	* template/mingwPORT.getopts: New file.
	(CLEAN_UP_ON_EXIT): Defined.
	* template/Makefile (template_SOURCES): Add above three new files.

	* template/mingwPORT.sh (mingwPORT.functions): Use new functions.
	(mingwPORT): New shell variable; define and use it.
	(mingwPORT.help, mingwPORT.messages, mingwPORT.getopts): Source them.
	(mingwPORT.site): New site customisation hook; source preferentially.
	(CLEANUP_ON_EXIT): Eval it.

2006-04-08  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	Resolve BLDDIR vs. BUILDDIR variable naming conflict;
	reported by Anatoly Techtonik <techtonik@users.sf.net>.

	* src/portmaker.sh, template/mingwPORT.ini (BLDDIR): Replace...
	(BUILDDIR): ...with this.

2006-02-10  Earnie Boyd  <earnie@users.sf.net>

	* Makefile: New file.
	* config.mak: Ditto.
	* src/portmaker.sh (CFLAGS): Add another layer of character quoting
	to prevent the execution of the command during the make process.
	(CXXFLAGS): Ditto.
	* template/mingwPORT.beforepatch (PATCHFLAGS): Use a default better
	suited for using ``diff old new''.
	* template/mingwPORT.beforerpatch (PATCHFLAGS): Ditto.
	* template/mingwPORT.cleanup (patch): Use PATCHFLAGS.

2005-09-12  Keith Marshall  <keithmarshall@users.sf.net>

	* lib/mingwPORT.functions (ask): Omit `()' if no default.
	  (isyes): Accept abbreviated `yes' argument.
	* src/Makefile (portmaker): Make it executable.
	* src/portmaker.sh (makeport): Remove obsolete reference...
	  (portmaker): ... and replace with this.
	  (ARCIVEHOME): Correct misspelling...
	  (ARCHIVEHOME): ... to this; add missing `/' in `http://...'.
	  (PORTPATH): Eval it.

2005-06-26  Earnie Boyd  <earnie@users.sf.net>

	* src/version.sh: Add echo in the event the file is executed.
	* src/makeport: Rename.
	* src/portmaker.sh: Renamed makeport.
	* src/Makefile: New file.
	* template/Makefile: Ditto.
	* template/mingwPORT.afterrpatch: Ditto.
	* template/mingwPORT.beforerpatch: Ditto.
	* lib/Makefile: Ditto.
	* doc/Makefile: Ditto.
	* config.mak: Ditto.

2005-04-03  Earnie Boyd  <earnie@users.sf.net>

	* portmaker: New project.