#270 Patch to define WINADVAPI as dllimport

w32api (251)

The attached patch adds a definition for the keyword
WINADVAPI and ultimately defines it as

Even though WINADVAPI is not used in any current
MinGW win32api header, some 3rd party headers do use
it and fail compiling with MinGW when WINADVAPI is
not defined somehow.

Obviously winbase.h is the canonical place for this
#define. The define itself is a trivial copy of the
WINBASEAPI define that's already in winbase.h.

Signed-off-by: Michael Gerdau <mgd@technosis.de>



  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2006-01-10
    • milestone: --> IINR_-_Include_In_Next_Release
    • assigned_to: nobody --> infidel
    • status: open --> pending-accepted
  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2006-01-10

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    Your patch has been accepted and is now commited to CVS. You should expect to see it in the next release.

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