Updated MinGW/MSys Installers

mingw-get version 0.3-alpha-1

All MinGW users are recommended to upgrade to this release of the MinGW installation management program. It provides new features to accord package maintainers greater flexibility in the identification of development progression within package names; as such it is likely to be the earliest mingw-get release which will support delivery of the next GCC release.

This release also accords greater control to the user, over the verbosity of progress reporting and debugging diagnostics, at run time.

See the following mailing list announcement for more information:

mingw-get-inst version 20110530

Includes the latest version of mingw-get (0.3-alpha-1) and a more recent snapshot of the package manifest data (2011 May 30).

mingw-get-inst is a graphical installer that can be used for INITIAL installation of MinGW compilers and MSYS tools (upgrading an existing installation should be done using the command line mingw-get tool). In fact, mingw-get-inst is merely a simple GUI wrapper around the command line tool.

Posted by Charles Wilson 2011-05-30