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Updated MinGW/MSys Installers (again)

mingw-get version 0.2-alpha-2

This version of the mingw-get command-line installer and installation management program corrects corrects a critical defect, whereby mingw-get could select the wrong package when searching for a match to a short form package name alias.

See the following mailing list announcement for more information:

mingw-get-inst version 20110316

Includes the latest version of mingw-get (0.2-alpha-1) and a more recent snapshot of the package manifest data (2011 Mar 16). This snapshot of the catalogue corrects a long-standing inconsistency in the dependency specification for the msys-gettext package, as well.

mingw-get-inst is a graphical installer that can be used for INITIAL installation of MinGW compilers and MSYS tools (upgrading an existing installation should be done using the command line mingw-get tool). In fact, mingw-get-inst is merely a simple GUI wrapper around the command line tool.

Posted by Charles Wilson 2011-03-17